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Banquet Hall at Bruce Hills

Bruce Hills Golf Club has a two level clubhouse with a large banquet hall upstairs, and a lower level banquet hall restaurant. The banquet hall on the upper level has a private bar, bathrooms, and a small outside deck. Please see our helpful banquet links below for the type of reception you need.

Bachelor Parties

Bruce Hills Golf club has the perfect setting to host a day at the course with the boys, and a bachelor party afterwords in the upper level private clubhouse.

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Baby and Wedding Showers

Whether you want to host a Wedding Shower, Baby Shower or a Family Event, Bruce hills can deliver an impressive menu and atmosphere for you and your family.

banquet hall

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Small Weddings and Events

Bruce Hills has a private room on the upper level that can host receptions from 30 to 65 guests. The room is complete with a separate bar, restrooms, deck, and dance floor.

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Reunions and Banquets

Bruce Hills Golf Club is a perfect setting for banquets, parties, social events, business meetings or conferences.  The two level clubhouse makes a perfect location for a graduation party or high school reunion.

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Holiday Parties

Whether you are planning your dream wedding, a birthday or even a wake for a loved one we aim to provide a professional and personal service.

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Off site Catering

The success of your catered events depends largely on the quality of the caterer you select. We set high standards for customized catering at clients’ sites. We offer full service, drop off, and complete special event dinners  catered to your unique location.

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