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Reunions and parties with strolling appetizers in the banquet room

Bruce Hills in Romeo, Mi. is a perfect location for strolling appetizer parties and class reunions. The two level clubhouse with panoramic windows is a choice setting for a class reunion or holiday event, with rich surroundings making the evening atmosphere relaxing and elegant. Bruce Hills’ floor plan for appetizer cocktail parties can accommodate strolling social crowds on the lower level, while keeping the upper section free for dancing and music. Each level features a separate bar and own set of ladies and Men’s restroom facilities. Banquets at Bruce Hills are affordable and elegant. Please inquire about our preferred vendor list for chair covers and other needs.

The upper level also has cathedral ceilings, a dance floor, and an outside terrace. It has a nightclub atmosphere furnished with lighting. Small cocktail tables allow the guests to roam the room and enjoy cocktail and appetizers in comfort. Please see the room diagram below with the menu selections and pricing for the strolling appetizers and beverage options. Call Justin Walter for availability 586.752.7244



reunions and parties

Strolling Appetizer Menu 2

class reunions and banquets