Bruce Hills Golf Course Scorecard

Bruce Hills Golf Course Scorecard
Bruce Hills Golf Course Scorecard

Course Tips

Bruce Hills golf course is near Romeo Michigan. Bruce Hills golf course is a perfect location for golf leagues or golf memberships. After viewing the Myth Golf Course scorecard, see the pro shop tips below for each hole.

Scorecard (Hole 1) par4- 273 yards– A Short hole with a bunker on the front left side of the green. The best play is to hit something 250 yds and have a short chip and undulated green.

Scorecard (Hole 2) par 4- 377 yards– With ponds on both sides of the fairway that extend to the center of the fairway, lay up to 150 yds out.

Scorecard (Hole 3) par 3- 193 yards– A Small green for a par 3, so the best play is to be short if you miss anywhere around this green.

Scorecard (Hole 4) par 4- 319 yards– This hole is a risk / reward hole. If you can carry the ball 250 yards you’ll have no problem clearing the pond that covers most of the hole from 130 to 100 yards in. Laying up with your 180 distance club is the play for the shorter hitters.

Scorecard (Hole 5) par 4-385 yards– With a dogleg left on this fairway, you can cut the hole short if you hit a high cut here and have nothing but a flip wedge in. Laying up hit something 230 yards and you’ll have a great look in.

Scorecard (Hole 6) par 3- 112 yards– A Short par here, you don’t want to go long or left.

Scorecard (Hole 7) par 5- 575 yards– The longest hole on the golf course with trouble on both sides from the tee. For most players this is a 3 shot hole and playing it safe is the way to go.

Scorecard (Hole 8) par 4- 391 yards– Out of Bounds left on this hole, so the best play is to stay to the right side of the fairway. Second shot is pretty tough carrying the pond to the green. While on the green, one of the largest greens on the golf course, it’s smart to stay below the hole.

Scorecard (Hole 9) par 4- 366 yards– This is another risk / reward hole. If you hit a long ball here you want a cut, and will have nothing but another flip wedge in. Other players hug the trees on the right with out of bounds to the left. This is the toughest green on the course and you NEVER want to be above the hole here.

Scorecard (Hole 10) par 4- 245 yards– The shortest par 4 on the golf course but don’t let it fool you with greens covering both front edges. To hit long is the play and gives a great chance to make birdie.

Scorecard (Hole 11) par 3- 160 yards– A challenging hole with a bunker on the right side and out of bounds long and left. The green has some undulation to it also.

Scorecard (Hole 12) par 5- 440 yards– An easy Par 5 if you are out far enough to clear the 90 degree dogleg left.Green falls off both sides and long is in deep rough.

Scorecard (Hole 13) par 3- 145 yards– Par 3 that is tougher than it plays.With all edges of the green falling away from it, it makes this green tough to hit. If you do hit this green, then a tough putt is still to come with some break in it for sure.

Scorecard (Hole 14) par 4- 405 yards– This is one of the toughest golf course holes in Macomb County.You have to hit it straight with Out of bounds to the left and a pond to the right that the fairway slopes to.That’s just the first part of this hole, the green slopes severely from back to front. Long here is jail.

Scorecard (Hole 15) par 4- 306 yards– A hole to give you some relief from #14, only trouble here is hazard left.So the key is to play it to the right side of the fairway and have another flip wedge in.

Scorecard (Hole 16) par 4- 363 yards– Let loose here with your driver with no trouble. Just avoid going long with your second shot.

Scorecard (Hole 17) par 3- 155 yards– It looks fairly easy from the view until you get to the green and see that you will not straight putt on this green.

Scorecard (Hole 18) par 5- 470 yards– Hazard on the left off the tee, with a little creek running through this hole twice. Second shot is fairly easy if you are to the left side of the fairway to an open green.Long here is jail with trees and a green that runs away from you.